Beauty Salon Valentine Holder







Here’s my daughter’s Valentine holder this year.

I can’t take credit for anything on this one.  First the idea came from Pinterest.  My daughter fell in love with this valentine box from Our Scoop.  Then, I let her get creative and she really did!  Both the kids created their own Valentine holders this year and did a great job!  My son made a Star Wars Yoda box.

The lights on this box came from Dollar Tree.  Other than that, she had most of the other stuff.  I just assisted with the hot glue!  We used Velcro to secure the lights since she needed to remove them to switch them on at the party.  She used hot pink paint (it turner out darker on the brown box…and the photo makes it look almost red)  We found the hair spray/lotion clip art online and just cut and pasted.  The mirror was part of a hand held mirror that had come apart. A Styrofoam bowl provided the wash basin.