Summer Bible Study – Extraordinary Women of the Bible

summer women of the Bible study graphic

Our Online Summer Women’s Bible Study on Extraordinary Women of the Bible is beginning June 12.

You don’t have to buy anything for this study.  We will use our own Bibles to study these women.  I’ll be posting the selections you are to read each morning at 6:30AM.  I’ll also jump on Youtube once a week to discuss this with you.  You can subscribe to my  Youtube Channel here.

I recommend getting John MacArthur’s book, Twelve Extraordinary Women, as a supplement to this study.  He has some great insights from his many years of study that will enhance our understanding of these women.  You can order here or find on ebay.

Please spread the word.  We want as many women as we can spending time In His Presence this summer.

We will begin by studying Eve and I’ll tie in some insights about marriage.  I’m especially excited about sharing with you some new things the Lord has been showing me!